Musculoskeletal fitness has been associated with increased mobility, balance, and functionality. Lack of exercise, smoking, and excessive alcohol use contribute to declining bone and muscle mass. Nutritional deficiencies also affect musculoskeletal health.

Bone maintenance (known as "remodeling") and density rely heavily on key vitamins and minerals—such as calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium—that may be missing in adequate amounts in many modern diets. And joint health can benefit from omega-3s and other nutrients that support cartilage integrity. Protein, minerals, and select herbals can beneficially influence muscle growth, contraction, and relaxation—as well as promote exercise recovery.*

Popular approaches to support musculoskeletal integrity or relieve associated discomforts may carry increased risk of serious adverse events with longer use. Metagenics offers a complete line of science-based formulas to promote musculoskeletal health. Including support for healthy bone mineralization and remodeling, as well as support for connective tissue health.*

OsteoStrength MK-7™ 60 pkt | Supports Bone Health & Strength*
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UltraMag Plus Calcium | Patented Albion® calcium and magnesium
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UltraMag 125 mg Magnesium | Albion®’s TRAACS® magnesium lysinate glycinate
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Metabolic Recovery  Formula Chocolate | Gastrointestinal, Hepatic and Intestinal " GHI " Support
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Metabolic Recovery  Formula CHAI | Gastrointestinal, Hepatic and Intestinal " GHI " Support
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Metabolic Recovery  Formula Vanilla | Gastrointestinal, Hepatic and Intestinal " GHI " Support
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Vitamin D3 occurs naturally...
Vitamin D3 occurs naturally...
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Vitamin D3 occurs naturally...

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